Book review – The Butterfly Storm, Kate Frost

I came across The Butterfly Storm through a publishing contact, Debbie Young ( who put me in touch with the author, Kate Frost, because of our IVF experiences.  Kate and her husband have very recently welcomed their own IVF miracle into the world, so first of all I’d like to say an absolutely huge congratulations!

As for Kate’s book, the story begins in the UK but quickly changes setting to the Greek Islands – following a difficult family situation the main character, Sophie, decides to up sticks and leave for life abroad with her Greek boyfriend. The author successfully details life at a much slower pace and from a different cultural perspective, examining the trials of being in an unfamiliar country with an equally unfamiliar family, the head of which seems to be a rather trying potential mother-in-law! Sophie eventually finds herself briefly returning to the UK following an unexpected turn of events, at which point she is forced to examine what she really wants from her life.

I found it a very well written, easy read with a likeable main character in Sophie. I really enjoyed the storyline and found myself reading page after page. I was a little surprised at the rather sudden ending, but this didn’t detract from my overall enjoyment. A very good book, great as a holiday read.

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