Dove c’è musica – thank you Eros Ramazzotti

Now things have calmed down a bit since the book launch I need to make a start on some other IVF, pregnancy and twins posts. I might also throw in a few non-mummy observations if something comes up that takes my fancy, here on in referred to as the ‘other bits and bobs’.  So, to kick off, I wanted to say a little something about one of the things that is very important to me and which I found particularly comforting during my most difficult IVF moments. That something is music, and, in case you hadn’t noticed, Eros Ramazzotti in particular (who just happens to have a new single out, Io Prima Di Te, see):

Now, if you’ve read my book you’ll know that he’s mentioned in my acknowledgements page as a special appreciation of his sheer brilliance, and several times throughout the text. He’s on permanent play in my car, and even the twins sing at full volume morning and afternoon during the school runs – bless, they’re absolutely clueless as to what they’re singing about but their Italian accents are coming along nicely.  Per Me Per Sempre (For Me, Forever) is a particular favourite of theirs. It may seem a little weird as I don’t know the bloke – obviously and unfortunately 😉 – and although I do have a rough idea of the gist of his songs, I must admit that I too am clueless as to an exact translation. Must get round to learning Italian properly at some point. Whilst I’m very proud to be English I do believe I was born into the wrong nationality. Anyway, there’s something in the composition of his music and his voice that can calm me down when I’m stressed, lift my spirits when I’m sad, and make me sing at the top of my lungs and smile like an idiot when I’m happy. The fact that he’s absolutely gorgeous has nothing to do with it whatsoever. Honest.

Music has always played a large part in my life – I even learned the violin many, many years ago. And I did attempt karaoke at my 40th birthday party. Anyway, I digress. I first heard Eros back in 1993 when I was living in Geneva. This video came on MTV and as soon as I heard the guitar at the beginning it caught my attention. I was hooked and have been ever since. That video was to the song called Cose Della Vita (Things of Life) and the meaning in the message has been unbelievably appropriate to me on many levels. It also happens to be my absolute favourite, although with Eros’ songs it’s pretty difficult to choose. Stella Gemella (Twin Star) is another one, which did provide the inspiration for part of the title of my book – how fabulous is that? Here’s Cose Della Vita below – the original version mind, which will always beat the reworked one with Tina Turner (although that’s good too). And thank you Eros. For the music, as they say. You are a truly gifted and talented soul.