home_wallpaper_standard_5My goodness – 8  years on and I’m sure there must still be some pregnancy hormones floating around as I was an embarrassing emotional wreck while watching this film! An animated children’s movie that gives you a lump in the throat and makes you all teary eyed – how on earth is that possible? Home, that’s how!

I took the twins to see this movie during the Easter break and enjoyed it so much that I never took my eyes off the screen, revelling in the child-like fantasy of it all. This feel-good movie is made by those clever people at Dreamworks Studio – they must have the best job in the world!

Anyway, the story is about a six-legged, colour changing little guy called Oh who arrives on earth with his fellow aliens, collectively called the Boov, in search of a new home, having run away from their enemy, the Gorg. These cute characters, who fly around inside bubble saucers, have rather a habit of running away from their fears instead of facing them and initially take much pride in that fact. As the Boov arrive on earth they go about ‘re-homing’ the humans – except for one, Tip, who they miss because she has a cat called Pig on her head when the transporter hovers by (never mind – you’ll get it when you see it!). Her mum isn’t so lucky and they end up being parted.  The story follows Tip’s search for her mum, aided and abetted along the way by Oh. I won’t give anything away about how they meet or what they get up to, but straightforward it certainly is not, and there’s one thing that Oh has done that could put the whole planet in peril. Their adventure also shows both Oh and Tip the true meaning of home.

This very funny movie is about courage, friendship, love, standing out from the crowd and being proud of who you are, celebrating uniqueness and being different. The soundtrack, which we had to buy a couple of days later, is also fantastic and features music by Rhianna and JLo.

A brilliant, colourful and lively movie. With a happy ending, of course! Don’t forget the hankies.