“This lovely book spans nearly four years, during which Tru Spencer and her husband put normal life on hold in their quest for parenthood.

Most of their bumpy IVF journey is written as a diary, so it’s a detailed personal account of their ups and downs, some of which are frankly harrowing. While assisted fertility is routine for those providing it, it’s anything but to those going through treatment. If you read this book, you soon realise you’re not alone in having to cope with stress, hope, despair, spiralling expense, the effect on the rest of the family (including your own parents), the impact on your work, and above all the helplessness that comes with the process.”
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Dr Carol Cooper, leading media medic and award-winning author

“This book is a well-written, coherent and detailed account of Tru Spencer’s personal experience of three rounds of IVF . . .I’d also recommend it for medical staff working in this field, to help them understand more clearly exactly what it feels like, physically, mentally and emotionally, to be the patient – something that’s too easy to forget, as with any medical procedure, when administering it is simply your job and your daily routine.”
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Debbie Young , Author

“I will admit that I didn’t have a clue about IVF. I had a very basic knowledge about it (and still do, as I’m no expert), but found a lot of information from reading a brilliant book – Twin Stars, and a Mother from Mars. Written by Tru Spencer (and out now, priced £9.99), this is her brutally honest IVF diary. She began treatment in 2005, and documents her struggles, emotions, breakdown and reveals the strain of what IVF can do to a person’s mental well-being, as well as a marriage.”
Emma Wilson – MrsWilsonsBaby blog

“Then, about the book – love the story, you kept me gripped, wanting to know what was going to happen next. You brought me to tears several times, one in particular I needed to stop reading and have a think……I did feel that I was in the story with you”.
Maggie S

“It’s brilliant! I couldn’t stop reading it as it was one thing after another and I felt the whole horrific journey with you. It must have been dreadful the whole experience and definitely one that should be shared. It will give information to those going through the same and also tell the lucky ones that don’t have to go through all that just how soul destroying and physically knackering it really is. Quite an education”.
Maureen B